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Home Depot is the seller of Glacier Bay Faucets as well as the majority of their replacement components. Nearly all Glacier Bay faucets are produced by Globe Union Industrial Faucet Company of Canada , China, and elsewhere. Their particular brands, apart from Pegasus and Glacier Bay, contain Danze and Gerber.

This is from their website:

“Globe Union is one of the world’s largest suppliers of plumbing products operating over 5 million
square feet of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution facilities located on 3 Continents and in
9 countries. Our products are marketed through over a dozen company brands and scores of
private brands. A publicly traded company, we are headquarted in Taichung, Taiwan; we sell
products to customers in over 30 countries.”

There isn’t a Glacier Bay corporation or perhaps an genuine Glacier Bay Faucet internet site. Glacier Bay Faucet is simply a brand which is carried largely by Home Depot, even though you will find this kind of faucet upon numerous internet sites using the correct key phrase search for your particular model your looking for.

This website is an educational internet site meant to give the user assistance in fixing, updating or picking out the next kitchen faucet or toilet for ones bath or sink upgrade. Be sure to observe that this isn’t the official “Glacier Bay Faucet” website as absolutely no such organization exists. We make an effort to make this internet site as comprehensive as possible and you will be able to discover your solution through either the promotions all through this website or perhaps with the numerous hyperlinks leading to other webpages.