Leaky Faucet Repair – If you find that you have a leaky faucet, it is high time you get it fixed. Not only are you wasting precious water and money, getting the problem fixed can also save you the frustration of having to listen to the constant dripping sound of the water. However, you might think that it would mean calling in a plumber and expecting to pay for his professional services, which can sometimes amount to a substantiate amount and that can be prevented if you learn about leaky faucet repair.

Some people feel intimated by the idea of fixing a leak on their own and think that it is an absolute necessity to get a plumber. This is not true as a leaky faucet repair is really not hard at all and you will just need to get some basic things ready, such as a screwdriver, washers and O-rings. Once you have the items ready, just follow the simple steps below.

1. Ensure that your water is supply is turned off before you start fixing. You can find the shutoff valve right under your sink. To shut off the water supply, you will just have to turn the handle of the value anti-clockwise.

2. Cover the drains with rugs to prevent little screws or the washers from dropping into them. You will have to get them replaced if you drop them into the drain.

3. Take the faucet handles off. As you do so, remember the order in which you have removed each item as you will have to reassemble them later on. In order to take out the screw, you can use a screwdriver to loosen it first, then use the flathead portion of the screwdriver to take the handles out.

4. Once you have the handles of the faucet taken out, the next thing you need to do is to take out the washer at the back of the handle. If you cannot find one there, you can easily purchase one and fix it in place.

5. When you buy your washer from your local hardware store, remember to get help from the assistant or shop owner for the right kind and size of washer for your kitchen faucet.

6. When you are fixing in the washer, ensure that the hole in the washer is slightly larger than post at which the handle of the faucet turns.

7. Now that you have fitted the washer back in, it is time to replace the various parts of the faucet. Just replace the sections in the reverse way of how you had taken them out earlier on. Once the things are back in position, you can screw the handle back to the kitchen faucet but make sure you do not make it too tight.

8. Turn on the water supply and carry out a test run to ensure that everything is working well.

Getting your leaky faucet repair work done on your own is not a difficult task but you need to have the patience to see the whole process through. If you still face problems with a leaking tap, it might really be time to call in a plumber but as least you have already to see to the problem on your own first.

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